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About the GHFP

  ghfp   The GHFP was established in 1996. The founders believe that to effect change in the world, the individual ought to start from a deeper connection with his/her inner life and spirituality. This principle guides the GHFP's Trustees' decisions in terms of the focus of our work and how to approach it.
  our motivating ideals are to work from, and to cultivate and support, human qualities and values.
Our Work
The GHFP works as an international think-tank and a learning organisation. Our focus is to identify and investigate key questions of human concern, and to develop an understanding of the dynamics of relevant topical issues.

Trustees and Staff

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  GHFP areas of concern:
  • The fostering of peace and harmony between people.
  • The promotion of inter-religious understanding through dialogue and the deepening of individual religious and spiritual experience.
  • The provision of education and experiences for the development of the full potential of each person, including the stimulation of an entrepreneurial spirit that enables people to use their talents to improve the quality of their lives and of those around them.
  • The seeking of innovative solutions to the problems of poverty and injustice, and to the need for sustainable development and transformation.
Mission & Objectives
Our mission is to promote and support peace, and a sustainable human future. We seek to contribute strategically to the resolution of human problems, in a spirit of optimism and realism. Our objective is to facilitate processes that help true human qualities to develop in the world, and for our work to be inspired by these qualities.
The GHFP actively
  • conducts research and seeks knowledge which can help to change perceptions and promote transformation.
  • initiates, supports and facilitates projects and processes that help bring people towards understanding, compassion and growth.
  • creates quiet, safe and open meeting and dialogic spaces where relevant questions can be posed in an environment which can be conducive to understanding.
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