Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace





Reconciliation cannot be aimed solely towards ending current conflict. It must also aim to include unburdening of the past, liberation from the pains and angers that made conflict seem inevitable in the first place.
Prof Garrett Thomson, CEO
The foundation's objective is to facilitate processes that help true human qualities to flourish in the world, and for our work to be inspired by these qualities. From these precepts we have developed four main themes for our work. Therefore our work focus on posing key questions and identifying and developing good ideas and using research to demonstrate things can be different for the better.  
Fostering solidarity and harmony between people

The GHFP’s work in this area focuses on enabling encounter and compassionate listening within safe spaces and through the engagement of the whole person towards mutual understanding, respect and harmony in society. We believe that solidarity and harmony amongst people is not only an emphasis in post-conflict divided societies, but also an important aspiration for all societies.
Inter-religious dialogue for peace

The GHFP seeks to promote peaceful and humane culture creating space for genuine dialogue amongst people from diverse backgrounds and with different worldviews, beliefs and assumptions. Our facilitation of dialogue begins with an interest in the nature of dialogue, methodologies, ethics and the practical implementation of dialogue in diverse fields where encounters between religions take place.
Human-centred education for transformation 

The aim of the GHFP's work in human-centred education is to explore questions that leaders, teachers, educators and parents can use as a basis for understanding what education ought to be in the 21st Century. At the heart of this is an investigation into how to develop caring educational organisations and communities in order that children and young people can grow, thrive and flourish through engaging in learning. 
Sustainable livelihood for human development

The GHFP's work in the area of livelihood focuses on identifying innovative solutions to the problems of poverty and injustice, and seeking sustainable approach to human development and transformation, including stimulating entrepreneurial spirit and human flourishing. We believe that shifting the lenses through which to perceive well-being and growth can help humanity to transform the way we are on earth.